STEM Women All-Stars

STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and it’s not just a big part of The DuPont Challenge. It also drives the research and scientific advancement of the world around us.

As part of the 25th year celebration of The DuPont Challenge, we celebrated 25 out of the countless women who have made significant contributions to STEM fields with our STEM Women All-Stars collectible trading cards. Learn a few notable facts about each of these amazing individuals, and maybe they'll encourage you to find out more about their achievements or even inspire you to write a winning essay!

Featured STEM All-Star:
DuPont Hero All-Star Ellen Kullman
Full bio

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STEM Women All-Stars
Judith Resnik
Katherine Johnson
Nancy Jackson
Sossina M. Haile
Ines Cifuentes
Linda B. Buck
Valerie Thomas
Sandra Begay-Campbell
Elizabeth Blackwell
Flossie Wong-Staal
Helen Greiner
Gloria Wilder-Brathwaite
Rosalyn Sussman Yalow
Meenakshi Wadhwa
Ann Lopez
Ida Stephens Owens
Robin Wall Kimmerer
Irene Ayako Uchida
Barbara McClintock
Margaret Mead
Mae Jemison
Shirley Ann Jackson
June Bacon-Bercey
Andrea M. Ghez
Henrietta Lacks

DuPont Hero All-Stars
Uma Chowdhry - Full bio
Barbara Mazur - Full bio
Jocelyn E. Scott - Full bio

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The winning students with author Carl McNair, brother of Challenger astronaut Ronald McNair.