A Long-Term Commitment to Education

For more than 200 years, DuPont has been very involved in supporting education, especially in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). For a closer look at the history of our company's involvement in education, please read the following booklet:

DuPont in Education

DuPont's education programs are overseen by its Office of Education. Our hopes are that, as students' interest in—and understanding of—science and technology increases, more students may pursue a career in one of these dynamic fields. To that end, the company brings inquiry-based science programs to DuPont communities worldwide. We nurture student interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics-oriented (STEM) careers through national and international competitions that motivate them to excel. Below are examples of some of the competitions and initiatives the Office of Education supports:

The DuPont Challenge

The DuPont Challenge has been the nation's premiere science essay awards program for more than a quarter of a centry and counting. Several thousand students from the United States and Canada participate each year. More


Science Olympiad

This is a team-based competition for students in elementary, middle, and high schools that requires knowledge of various science topics and engineering ability. More


National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy (NATAA)

NATAA trains teachers from across the country to provide workshops within their states and regions, as well as at specific training in the Agriscience Institute. More


DuPont Safety Zone

DuPont has a long tradition of setting the standard for safety in the workplace. The simple truth is that an unsafe workplace can lead to personal injury and unexpected damages and costs. Similarily, it's essential that both teachers and students view their science labs and classrooms as safety zones where they always implement proven safety measures.
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